Ice and Trees Don't Mix

An ice storm in Georgia is generally not something that can be predicted with 100 percent accuracy. If you live in Ball Ground or the North Georgia area, you know this to be true. Just as an ice storm can wreak havoc on the roads, it can also wreak havoc on trees and tall shrubs.

Tree limbs are heavy and can cause untold amounts of damage to your roof, outdoor structures, landscaping, and power lines. When tree limbs are covered with ice, they will do much more damage due to the added weight. It only takes one-quarter inch of ice to add 500 pounds to one power line, so you can probably imagine how much heavier tree limbs become when coated with ice.

Zach's Grading and Tree Removal Services in Ball Ground, Georgia is available at any hour of the day whenever you need emergency tree removal services, even under icy conditions, but the key is to prevent damage from occurring in the first place. We want you to be safe and warm this winter and not let ice dictate when you will need tree removal services.

We will be happy to remove damaged limbs or trees before they cause problems. We have been in the tree removal service for many years and can spot potential damage or signs that a tree is in distress and is in need of attention. We can also spot the obvious such as trees that are too close to your home or too close to power lines and remove them or prune them back.

Having improperly placed trees, problematic or damaged trees removed now is the key to prevention, and this cannot be stressed enough. If you have pine trees, oak trees, maple trees or Georgia's tallest tree, the Tulip Poplar, that could cause you unwanted problems during an ice storm (or any storm, for that matter) now is the time to schedule tree removal services so you can rest easier this winter. 

Tree Removal can Lead to Better Things
Preventive Maintenance is Vital for Healthy Trees

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