Tree Safety for Storm Season

How do you keep a tree from causing damage to your property or to your neighbor's property? Preventive maintenance. A dying or dead tree is an accident waiting to happen and with the rainy weather we have had in Georgia, it's only a matter of time before rain and wind bring unhealthy trees down. The best time to call a tree service is before a tree falls and causes damage. Preventive tree maintenance will keep your home safe and your homeowner's insurance costs down during the spring and summer storm seasons.

Zach's Grading and Tree Removal Services in Ball Ground, Georgia has years of experience and first-rate tree experts who know how to remove a dying or dead tree from your property. We are hand's on, meaning that we climb the tree if it is still healthy enough, and cut and lower the tree by rope to the ground. This causes minimal damage to property, roads and landscaping. Of course, each situation is going to be different, but this is our standard method for removing dead or dying trees in order to prevent them from causing extensive and expensive damage.

Our preventive tree maintenance and tree removal services in Cherokee County are available to prune or trim damaged limbs or remove treetops that may be encroaching upon overhead power or cable lines.Dead trees with limbs hanging over your roof or your deck will eventually cause trouble at inopportune times. Don't wait for the next big storm that comes through town force your hand when you aren't ready. Give us a call today and we will be happy to discuss preventive maintenance or the removal of dead or dying trees and discuss with you the best approach for those services. 

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