It's Time to Winterize Your Trees

Winter is just around the corner and if your trees are in distress now, your wallet may be in distress later. A professional tree cutting company like Zach's Grading and Tree Removal Services in Ball Ground, Georgia has a team of experienced technicians that can help you to prevent tree damage from happening this winter.

Strong winds, heavy rain, snow and especially ice will put even the healthiest tree to the test. Having dead or damaged limbs removed will keep a tree healthier in the long run. A damaged limb will take nutrients away from healthy limbs that need it which can ultimately weaken them as well. Our tree service in Ball Ground can perform routine maintenance by pruning, trimming or thinning your trees so they will be healthier and stronger during severe storms and freezing conditions.

If you have trees that are encroaching upon overhead electrical wires it would be a good idea to ask us about crown reduction services in order to avoid potential problems during an ice storm. Or if you have trees lining the street that have grown beyond your expectations (and this happens more often than not) we can keep them trimmed back in a way that won't harm them. Tree trimming helps to prevent trees from causing unwanted damage during bad weather and it also helps to prevent them from overreaching boundaries like power lines or your neighbor's fence or yard.

Winter also prompts animals to start looking for warmer places to live. If you have a tree with limbs directly over your roof, this can set up the potential for unwanted guests in your attic over winter. Heavy limbs hanging over your roof, storage shed, or fence can also cause expensive damage during ice storms or strong winds when they break under pressure; we can prevent this from happening.

Give us a call today for an estimate for winter tree preparation. We can help you to prevent unwanted tree damage this winter by keeping your trees trimmed and healthy. 

Winter Tree Removal is Best Left to the Profession...
Don't Let Colder Temperatures Sneak up on You

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